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Strong financial performance

At Inter Berner Dubois, we believe that active management of investments is an essential element of strong financial performance.

We offer first-class investment consulting through the following account types;
Consultative Account

Our Consultative Account is suitable for investors that prefer a comprehensive investment approach. You can take full advantage of our superior market knowledge and network while retaining full control of your investment decisions.

Our brokers will offer valuable advice on making the right investments for your specific level of risk.

Non-Consultative Account

Our Non-Consultative Account is suitable for financially astute clients with proven experience in investing. You will have complete control of your investment decisions, eliminating the need to consult our experts on the merits or risks of the chosen investment or its suitability.

We will happily take over the execution process once you have identified your desired investment.

Discretionary Account

Our Discretionary Account is suitable for clients that are interested in a more hands-off approach to their investing. We will provide you with the opportunity to earn long-term risk-adjusted returns without any extra hassle.

You can relax knowing that your investments are in the capable hands of our seasoned professionals.