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Solving your financial matters one step at a time

Inter Berner Dubois offers each client a unique approach to managing their finances. We will help you achieve long-term financial stability by synchronizing all the elements of your finances, including your investments, retirement savings, tax, estate, and even insurance.

Playing a crucial role

Professional advice matters a lot. According to research, people who receive financial advice and guidance are more likely to experience growth in their assets than their counterparts who do not. This assertion can be explained by the fact that financial advisors effectively play the crucial role of keeping people focused on reaching their goals and maintaining high confidence levels.

By partnering with one of our experienced advisors, you can be better prepared to make those informed financial decisions, enabling you to live the rest of your life without financial mishaps.

Ever-ready to offer our best service

We are equipped with the skills and strategies to serve the increasingly multifaceted demands of all our clients. We employ the best in-house estate specialists, lawyers, accountants, and tax advisors, ever-ready to offer the best of their services to all clients in an effective and timely manner.

Our financial consulting services can be categorized into four strategies;
Wealth Preservation

This is simply a strategy to ensure that your assets grow while simultaneously securing your finances for the long term. Examples of wealth preservation strategies include getting insurance, diversifying investments, and having an emergency fund.

Wealth Enhancement

Wealth enhancement is that aspect of financial management that focuses on the various ways to protect and maintain wealth. Examples include cash flow planning and tax mitigation.

Wealth Protection

Wealth protection refers to strategies that are effective in protecting an individual, their family, and assets against the effects of unforeseen events. Examples of wealth protection strategies include Domestic Trusts and Offshore Trusts.

Wealth Transfer

This involves the transfer of wealth to beneficiaries following the account owner's death. It is often performed through financial planning strategies that may include life insurance, wills, and estate planning.